Caymanian, Irish, and Honduran. 

insta: jcli.rose


Mom: Jamaican
Dad: English, French, Scottish, and Native American

How to Sumbit a Photo

On our sidebar hit the submit button

From there you should receive a prompt that looks like this:

Go to where it says “TEXT” and hit the tiny downwards triangle. A drop down menu should appear and “PHOTO” should be an option. Click this. 

The submit box should then change to something like this. Drag a photo from your desktop, check the little “Accept the terms of submission” box and hit submit and you’re done!

Let me know if you have any more questions! ^^

Anonymous asked:
Sorry, I'm not sure how to submit a picture, could you tell me please?

Of course nonnie! I’ll make a post right now ^^


Black white and Dominican 

Anonymous asked:
Hey how do u submit a pic I'm Mixed with black and white

Hit that lovely little submit button with a picture of your pretty face!

Name- Che

Age- 22

Nationality- Trinidadian


Anonymous asked:
Can we submit pictures?

Of course nonnie! We would love to see your pretty face! :3

Black , Creole , Trinidadian

IG & Twitter : Thatnewnhu

I’m em. New to this(: 17, mixed with black, Native American, and Indonesian. Looking for friends😋 come check me out!

dutch-indo and creole :)

Mixed pride!!!


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